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Hooper-Holmes has developed an Attending Physician Statement (APS) delivery service to secure Attending Physician Statements quicker than ever! Improved turnaround times become possible when utilizing our expertise, experience and close working relationship with the medical profession.

Often one of the remaining outstanding requirements for underwriting, the following features expedite the process and enhance a truly unique APS service:

  • Quicker response time from Attending Physician when contacted by our specialized and experienced APS staff
  • Computerized database of physicians, addresses and requirements speeds up the process of securing required medical information
  • Attending Physicians have access to our toll-free, confidential medical dictation line, which is available 24/7, to provide secure medical histories telephonically
  • We can generally elicit faster response to obtain a verbal history from the Attending Physician advising the physician that an APS has been requested
  • Portamedic™ Health Professionals are available nationwide to personally collect completed APS from Attending Physicians
  • Proven, customized incentive program to the medical community produces a 30% quicker response time
  • Scanning or Imaging of APS through our Imagedex™ service
  • Ability to receive encrypted APS by email

Contact us at 1-855-321-3881

 “Across the Street, across the Country ….. We’ve got you covered!”



Health Information Division providing mobile paramedical services.

Tele-Information Division providing electronic underwriting information services.

Secure web based document downloads.

Personal and Financial Information Division, providing Inspection Report and Attending Physician Statement Services.


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