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Blood Profiles

  • Anytime a specimen is required, the client must sign the Lab ID slip which permits the Health Professional to obtain the specimen, permits the laboratory to conduct the necessary tests and forward the results to the insurance company. The back of the Lab ID slip includes a complete list of what possible tests may be conducted on the specimen. For reasons of confidentiality, only the laboratory and the Insurance Company know which specific tests will be conducted. All information obtained by the nurse is held in strictest confidence.
  • Your client may obtain his/her results by requesting this in writing to the insurance company who will release this information to your family physician.
  • The Health Professional has no access to any of the laboratory test results.
  • At the time the appointment is booked, the Health Professional will advise the client whether or not "fasting" is required for this test and for how long the client must fast prior to the appointment (no food or drink).
  • A sterile lab kit will be used to draw the blood and store the specimens. The client may view the seal on the needles provided with the specimen kit. If the seal is not broken the manufacturer guarantees that the needles are completely sterile.
  • The Health Professional will draw 2-3 vials of blood from the client (approximately. 25cc) and obtain two tubes of urine (A urine specimen is always required as part of a standard blood profile).
  • This service normally takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Some of the tests that may be conducted on a blood sample include:

  • HIV virus
  • Sugar
  • Kidney Profile
  • Liver Profile
  • Cholesterol and blood lipids
  • There are approximately 16 tests that may be done on the blood

Other tests that are normally asked for as a "special request" include:

  • Hepatitis Testing (HEP A, B or C)
  • HGB A1C (Haemoglobin Testing)
  • CBC Testing (Complete Blood Count)
  • HAA Marker (Alcohol Testing)
  • DBS blood profile (Dried Blood Spot)

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